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Alright, you piece of shit. Just making things clear so you can get it through that clouded brain of yours that there is no chance of me getting together with you.

You’re too egotisic and you feed off the insecurities of others to make yourself feel better. You try too hard at looking cool that you just end up being a fucking douche bag.

Maybe that’s why whatshername broke up with you. In all honesty, she probably was telling the truth when she said that she was too busy — because she found something else more worth while than you. Fucking legit.

And you were right tho .. I really wouldn’t go for someone like you. Ever. It was all just a game and I was totally lying up my ass. I was really just on fb reading funny memes when I was supposed to be in the moment. O.O

Told ya I was lying. Sorry but I’m not sorry.

The only mistake I made was being bored and I ended up lying to the only person I would choose over everyone — hands down in any given moment.

So please, spare everyone your self righteousness and get the fuck off that piece of shit soap box. The more shit that comes out of your mouth, the more you reek of what you know you really are ..


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